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July 3rd, 2015

"Garage Queen"

New and different method of selling your treasures, junk and gold.  "One man's junk is another man's treasures." Keep it simple. Pay people (our advertisers back) when they bring new advertisers in the same AREA code and PREFIX to their telephone number. WOW...  How much? $5.00 for every single person that advertises and pays the minimum of $49 per year for ten (10) pages of stuff with pictures. That means the math works out to $50,000 per year to the person that advertises first in their AREA code and PREFIX. From history in high school, that is described as the "Wars of Colonial Expansion. First man doing the business gets the money." And, that is every year, as long as your annual fee is paid to advertise.

Just send as much as ten (10) pages of stuff for sale to:  Send your check or pay with Western Union. Sign the application and terms and conditions and mail it to "Garage Queen." Or, if you want to, scan it and email it.

Currently, "GarageQueen.Com" operates with a single web site for every advertising customer. Maximum pages, ten (10). This is an example of your web page to sell you junk and treasures.

Keep It Simple Stupid....  a real KISS program.

June 19th, 2006


Business By The Sea is now deploying the newest module for their software product that has been in place since 1979. The "M3Power Software" product NOW named "Software By The Sea" for single users, client/servers, and web enabled enviroments now works in concert with the new "Work Order Angel." The "Work Order Angel" can eliminate 95% of the demand for entering work orders for any company that has assets, personnel, work flow, contracting and help desk demands. The "Work Order Angel" processes preventive maintenance, demand, corrective and other levels of maintenance work. Companies interested in reducing costs and finding other methods in processing work order management can install the "Work Order Angel" for any existing software maintenance system. The "Work Order Angel" can be used for HVAC, or the "Maintenance Angel" for routine service agencies, and then there is the "PM Angel" for those companies that just perform preventive maintenance.


March 12, 2005


If you're interested in software development without having to write any conventional sofware code, then please take some time and learn about our software development tools. Our current release includes our criteria for many disciplines including but not limited to: assets, instrumentation, equipment, work flow, contracting, goverance, risk, compliance, ISO 9000/14000 development, in critical industries. Biomedical/Clinical, Engineering, Maintenance, Laboratories, etc.

Omeganomics, your tool to a software development tool with types of fields, data tables, and programs that can be modified for any companies business.

July 15th, 2008

Single Source USA

Battery World

Never Dial Another Number...Oh Mandi.

Change Your Water...Change Your Life!

A medical device: computerized continuous ionized electrolysis water generator. Over 500,000 devices world wide. Looking for global distributors.





Cost versus Time Ratio

If you're interested in cost containment, maintenance avoidance and innovation in the business practices, please take some time and visit with us. 

Business By The Sea provides the products, services and development to help companies define objectives that take company divisions to another level. If you are looking for new products to represent, if you are serious about branding your company, venture funding after you incubator has started generating revenue, or if you are a 30 year old company that needs a new infusion of capital, then contact "Business By The Sea." 

Serious cost savings over the last 30 years for our corporate customers exceed hundreds of millions of dollars. This seems like a bold statement, and it is. Our experience has proven that there are holes in all operations, especially when there is physical fixed and portable capital assets involved. We are so confident that we can improve your business with our "cost containment" and "maintenance avoidance" practices, that we will put our money where our mouth is. Another bold statement! But it is true. Our $90k plan which provides you the "customer" something to hang your hat on. Yes, in simple terms, a 'performance bond'  for $90,000 dollars, and a purchase order issued to your company for $90,000 that says we will pay your company $90,000 at the end of eighteen months during our contract. Our contract duration is five years and you can terminate the contract at any time. We will provide the methodology, strategy, product(s), installation,  implementation, training and personnel to help you find a better "COST versus TIME" ratio for your company before the operational funds slip down into the deep cracks of the business world.

We take the operation to the lowest common denominator. Look at the overall structure of the company division we are working with, expand it out from there and find the descriptors, devices, contracts, and personnel that need attention. Mean time between failures become realistic in the business. Productivity becomes a tool to give your workers importance for what has been accomplished and what has to be done in the short and long term budget plan. Taking all items to the basic level of understanding and giving each worker the tools so that they see exactly what the requirements are for the immediate work demand and what is planned for the future.

Data is the underlining properties to what is needed to find out what direction to take. Looking back in time is vital in todays business operation. If you find that the acquisition cost of a device is $20,000 and your annual maintenance expenditure for this device every year is three or four thousand dollars, there may be a better way to spend your operational funds. Typically, total maintenance costs are down in the 3% range. But as time progresses and the age of the equipment adds hours and parts to maintain the operational availability (Ao), then it is wise to look at other alternatives. Likewise, if the liability of a device or system is jeopardized because it does not meet with the state of the art for your business, you may want to look at alternatives as well. Professionals in the business of cost containement and maintenance avoidance know their equipment and systems like the back of their hands. But in todays world of survival there needs to be other methods to make sure that the back of the hand does not become so well known that you forget the basics of knowing when to make judicious decisions.

By using the most advanced products and methodologies, "Business By The Sea" can bring a new focus to your company and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our payment is based on savings both from the concept of over spending and under spending. Our knowledgebase gives you the options to make decisions not normally available. Thinking outside the box, looking at all the parameters, knowing what is involved, and getting the right answers to make decisions that effect your bottom line is paramount in todays business environment.


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History of "Business By The Sea." The end program of "Business By The Sea" is customer relations. Each of the products now promoted by "Business By The Sea" relate directly or indirectly to the current product called "Software By The Sea." When our first software program was developed and deployed it was under the name, "Equipment Management Program" (EMP) in 1979 developed originally on a Z-89 Zenith computer with 64k RAM. Within a few months it was converted to the Apple II Plus and the EMP continued operating on the Apple until the new IBM 128K was developed in 1983-84. Thereafter the EMP named changed to "Equipment Management System" and had work orders and parts inventory added it to. Since 1979 the EMP and EMS was mainly a flat file data managagement program. It was not until 1987 that the EMP/EMS changed totally to a relational database and designed to be a client/server networked program where 999 client work stations could be accessed at one time. The only benefit of the original program had was to make sure the contracted preventive maintenance services to our customer base was on target. Few-if any-other firms were offering any other computerized maintenance management systems to private industry. The competitors were far and few across the USA. As well as I know, there was Elke, Bonner & Moore, Hems (not sure if it was Hams or Hems), and then the  "Equipment Management System" or "EMS" for short.  Since 1979 the "EMS" was developed and deployed by American Computer Resource's software development and computer fabrication division took the company far and wide, from California to the east coast. Its computer services created a solid financial success and soon it was acquired by AMSCO, a $40 Million dollar global company. Out of that acquisition by AMSCO, and after departing from AMSCO, a new program was developed which gained more benefits for the customer. The beginning of the current version was in 1985, then coined as the M3Power, or M-Cubed, and called the "Master Maintenance Management" software program series. As the years progressed, the M3Power grew from one industry to another. Industries included manufacturing, fruit sorting machines, building management, clinical laboratories, hospital facility maintenance, biomedical and clinical engineering, and government plants and buildings. Our customer range from all the government buildings in the Pacific Rim Region, to the "DEW Line" (Defense Early Warning Line that watches the southern perimeter of north America), to independent businesses that need to know how to manage all of the parameters of their business so that the cost versus time ratio improves over time.